Monday, January 28, 2013


Why I Love Redbox

As I mentioned in my review of Ted, I LOVE REDBOX!  I love it so much, I might consider marrying it, were it legal, although Netflix might get jealous.

But that's neither here nor there...

Why do I love Redbox so much?  Because I never pay for it!

With this ringtone, I thee wed.
Would you love to get free Redbox movies too?  There are two easy steps to follow and I guarantee you will get 1-3 free movies a month.
  1. Sign up today and get on their mailing list!  They send out emails once every month or so with a free movie code, and more often with 50 cents off of a rental (making the movie 70 cents - not too bad, but also not free.)
  2. Text LOVE to 727272 to join the Redbox Text Club!  This is basically the best thing ever.  I get several free movies a month, and they never seem to get mad that I never give money.  Amazing.
Seriously, do yourselves all a favor and go sign up now

What's the best movie you've seen recently?  Did you get it from Redbox?


  1. I love Redbox too!! Thanks for making such a fun and informative blog!


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    1. Thanks for commenting :) Glad to see another Redbox lover!

  2. I love Redbox also. The last movie I rented was Ice Age 4. Cute movie.

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  3. Added your blog to my Reading List.