Saturday, January 26, 2013


Hallmark Card MONEY MAKER at Safeway!

I just did this deal today, so I can vouch that it works!  :)

So, Safeway is running a promotion where you get a $5 Catalina (a coupon for your next shopping trip, used on any item) when you buy 3 Hallmark cards.  The only stipulation is that they cannot be the $0.99 cards.

Makin' dough, makin' dough!
Lucky for us savvy shoppers, Hallmark has a printable coupon available on their Facebook for $2 off any 3 cards!  If you happen to have cut out the double-coupon coupon from this week's Safeway ad, you can save an additional $0.50.

The math:

3 cards x $1.99 (cheapest cards available for this deal) = $5.97
-$2.50 from the printable coupon and the Doubl'r = You pay $3.47 out of pocket
+ $5.00 Catalina = you MAKE $1.53 and go spend it on overpriced organic veggies!  Or...whatever.  That's what I'm going to do ;)

So now, not only do I have an extra $1.53 for veggies to make me healthy, I have a belated Christmas gift thank you card, a birthday card for my buddy, and a Valentine's Day card for my Nana (cue: awwwww...).  Today rocks!

I love my Nana <3

Thanks to Frugal Living NW for this tip! 

Did you do this deal?  How did it go for you?  Who did you get cards for?

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