Thursday, January 24, 2013


Alex Algebra's Adventures in Thrifting: Kawaii and The Biebz

If there's one thing I love, it's thrifting!  I am a hoarder waiting to happen, so I have to be very careful not to go out to thrift stores often, and not to spend much money if I do.  I am notorious for carrying twenty things around the store with me, "just to think about it," then putting back the majority of them.  Once I realize I don't really need yet another craft project that will never see completion, it's a little easier to set things down.

This last trip, there were some amazing finds that I somehow managed to pass up.

First of all, this sweater:
Kawaii, ne?
Somehow, this sweater called out to me from across the store, but alas, we were not meant to be.  I'm a pretty small guy, too small to fit into men's smalls half the time, but this women's sweater was TINY!  My wrists are practically sticks, yet I still managed to get my arms stuck in this thing while trying it on in the middle of the store.  (Pro tip: Don't do that.)  It was quite an adventure acting casual while trying to get out of the Chinese-Finger-Death-Trap-like arms of this beautiful thing.  I almost cried when I realized there was no way I could comfortably wear it.  Le sigh.

Next up:
Remember these?
A Fisher Price record player!  I totally had one of these as a kid.  I would listen to these little 45s that had matching storybooks all day long.  My favorites were one featuring Betty Boop, and of course, all of the Disney ones.  "Turn the page, when you hear the chimes ring, like this!"

Then, there was this gem:

Somebody took a lot of time to draw this.
 I...there are no words.  I stared at this for a good minute before I could even get it together to take a photo and post it up on Instagram.  I so, so, so wanted to buy it, but I didn't!

So what did I end up with?  Three items, the game Scene It?, because I've always wanted it, and the following two items:

I love my life.
Yes, I am now the proud owner of a shiny, glittery blue belt (and I only bought the blue, not the pink or green that matched, go me!), and a kawaii adorable teddy bear plate!  Because my diet is boring and crappy thanks to chronic illness, sometimes I just have to put my food on a really cute plate to convince myself it's worth eating.  Don't judge me.

So...$7.49 later, I have some fun new presents for myself, and I also remembered why I never let myself go into Goodwill.

Have you scored any good thrift store finds lately?  I want pictures!  Tell me about them!


  1. aww man, you left the biebs behind? Total find. You should have ebayed it.


    1. Oooh...didn't think of that! Was thinking about covering it with glitter spray and turning it into some kind of shrine, I bet that would up the value at least 50 cents!

  2. I love thrifting! It's a shame I don't get to go very often though. Love the belt, and the plate IS adorable! Stop by and say hi some time!

  3. Thanks! I wore the belt out today and it got glitter everywhere...totally not complaining ;)

    Nice site! I'm gonna go read more in a few minutes.