Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Alex Algebra is going to PAX Prime!

Hey Algebrites!

I'm pretty stoked because tomorrow, I am heading up to Seattle for PAX Prime!  I will be honest with you - I am feeling super intimidated because I'm really not as big of a nerd as most of the folks that will be there, at least in the same ways.  Obviously, y'all see my blog, I'm into cute things and free stuff, not hardcore, shoot-em-up, crazy video games.  I'm also into off-the-wall tabletop games, mostly indie stuff, like Monsterhearts and Jeepform games, not so much the dungeon-crawling typically associated with this sort of thing.

However, there are several panels on different types of diversity in games (including several LGBTQ panels, yay!), and a giant indie games area, so I think that will all be pretty exciting.  Also, I have secret goals of seeking out all the kawaii sort of things that I can find, as well as dressing as cute as possible each day :D  I need to get my outfits together!!

Do any of you all have PAX survival tips for me?  This is my first PAX!

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