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FREE Month of Conscious Box and Equalize Prize Pack!!

 Hey all!

Radio silence, I know :(  BUT...the reason is...well, first of all, I've been working three jobs, but the good news is, one of them is running this amazing organization called Equalize!  We educate young music fans about issues that affect the sexual and gender minority communities and give them tools to create positive change.
The Equalizer Pledge
 I started the organization in 2009, after going to my favorite show of the year, Warped Tour (a summer-long traveling punk music festival that attracts 15-20k fans each day!) and finding that despite there being representation from about twenty different causes and organizations, none of them talked about LGBTQ folks like me!  It was obvious that I wasn't the only queer-identified person at the show; it seemed like everywhere I looked, there were same-sex couples holding hands and people wearing rainbow pyramid belts and bracelets.  After the show, I was complaining to my friend about this, and how ridiculous it was that nobody seemed to care about LGBTQ folks in my scene.  He said three words to me that changed my life: "How about you?"

I told him he was crazy, but he convinced me to start the organization anyway.  Five years later, here we are!  Equalize is not only the first organization to ever outreach specifically through the music scene about LGBTQ issues, but we are the only trans-run organization on Warped Tour!!

Get your heart on for equality!

Last summer, we went on our first major tour: one week on Warped!  It was everything we ever dreamed and more!  In the past, we had done just the Portland date of Warped, and we'd always made a small splash, but nothing like what we accomplished last year!

In just one week, we reached 1500 new Equalizers, gave hundreds of LGBTQ youth a way to connect with other people like them and to see that they are not alone, and even inspired one young person to start their own organization in their city!

A couple of our new friends!
This year, we are going on two weeks of tour!  Think about what all we will be able to accomplish with double the time on the road!  We will have the opportunity to reach literally over 100,000 fans with all of the dates we'll be going to!

However, we can't do this without strong community support and your help!  We have to raise $3500 before May 15 or we literally cannot go on tour!!  I am personally asking everyone I know to donate at least $35, if they are able, because then we only need 100 contributors and we will reach our goal in no time!

Everyone who contributes $35 gets one of our famous NO HOMO(PHOBIA) t-shirts!

Look at those shirts!  Who wouldn't want one?

For more information and to contribute, please go to

In other, related news.  We have a giveaway!!  Everyone who donates at least $10 to our campaign gets extra entries into the giveaway :)

We have been graciously donated one month of Conscious Box to give away to one lucky Equalizer!  That same lucky person will also get an Equalize Prize Pack!!

Conscious Box is an amazing service and I'm so glad they contacted me!  Equalize is an organization with high standards for whom we work with.  We believe not only in equality for people based on their sexual orientation and gender identity, but people as a whole, non-human animals, and for the environment.  Conscious Box takes care of all of those worries by only sending out products that are good for you and good for the planet!

Look at all that goodness!!

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